The complete range of CIROCOM will be shown to you in an actual commercial, created and produced for an Austrian weapon manufacturer. During sky diving, free-climbing and survival situations full of action the easy, secure and reliable handling with GLOCK weapon models is demonstrated in all surroundings and under all circumstances.

The actors, the equipment and everything necessary for a successful project is delivered by only one company: CIROCOM. The ammunition, the sequences of shooting and all stunts are genuine and produced without any tricks. And furthermore: The necessary equipment to the post-processing and completion of films, motion graphics and video movies correspond to modern and highest standard.

Our portfolio includes firearms training on ranges, survival events and driving training as well. The offer is completed by a whole product management with marketing, advertising, press and communication packages.

CIROCOM demonstrates your product in a genuine area and develops your success. When watching the pictures and the GLOCK and the WALTHER p99 movie, you will get an idea how CIROCOM advertises your products and services.

We offer special events and/or complete marketing measures to you. We are working contemporary, purposefully and in the whole world.

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